6-in-the-morning1 THE  GLOBAL WAR ON WOMEN The head of the World Health Organization calls it “a global health problem of epidemic proportions.” Nearly a quarter of women in high-income countries like Canada have been abused by a partner. South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East are especially terrible places to be female, with more than one of three women suffering partner  abuse. Need more? Gwynne Dyer touched on this in a horrifying column a few weeks back.

2 PETITION PROGRESS Paul Dechene reports that Regina Water Watch seems to have the signatures they need to force a referendum on the plan to build Regina’s next waste water treatment plant with a private company. More here.

3 CLIMATE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS ARE BEING NEGLECTED AND IF THEY FAIL WE’LL HAVE MUCH LESS OF AN IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD  This is horrifying. Science is what separates us from all other animals and if we continue to turn our backs on it we’re screwed.

4 ONE IN EIGHT OF THE WORLD’S BIRD SPECIES ARE IN PERIL The conservation organization Birdlife International announced the cheerful news in Ottawa during its once-every-fire-years congress. Birds facing extinction include both rare species and common birds like purple martins. Habitat destruction and invasive species are the main culprits.

5 THE RARE RIGHT WHALE A biologist saw one off the West coast. How nice!

6 DON’T GET AN EXOTIC PET AND DUMP IT IN THE WILDERNESS, ASSHOLE Some schmuck abandoned his or her pet albino Burmese python in the woods near Chilliwack. A kindhearted veterinarian is nursing snakeypoo back to health. Burmese pythons will generally grow longer than 12 feet with some getting up to 20 feet. Although they get huge, they generally have good temperaments and make fine pets for people with the passion, commitment and resources to care for them. The vet caring for this animal calls Burms “the great Dane of the snake world.” They are, sadly, currently illegal in Saskatchewan. Now watch this adorable video of the cute Burmese python Julius opening a door. (Julius, by the way, passed away in 2012 but she appears to have had a lovely life.)