DowntownWith the intersection of Victoria Ave. and Albert St. reduced to one lane east-west and north-south; McIntyre St. closed at Victoria Ave., Lorne St. closed at 12th Ave., Cornwall St. heading north inaccessible when something’s going on on the plaza and, at last report, 11th and 12th Ave. closed at Osler St., moving around downtown Regina is already pretty challenging.

Starting today it will be even more so. I just snapped the above picture on 11th Ave. looking west. City crews have closed off the intersection of Lorne St. and 11th Ave. as part of an infrastructure upgrade that was started last summer at Lorne and 12th Ave. As you can see, there’s no longer any thru traffic, and buses that have already been detoured to accommodate existing construction are being further detoured. Most will now run along Saskatchewan Drive for a stretch, and temporary transit stops have been established on 17 block Hamilton St. (heading south) and 17 block Rose St. (heading north).

Closure of the Lorne and 11th Ave. intersection is supposed to last until mid-July. If you want further clarification on what’s happening with the buses you can find info here.