6-in-the-morning1 ROOMING HOUSES Some people want ’em, some people don’t. Funny how a housing crisis causes problems and conflicts, eh?

2 PULLED ALIVE FROM THE RUBBLE Seventeen days after a sweatshop collapsed in Bangladesh, a woman has been rescued from the ruins.

3 THE HORRIBLE THINGS THAT AWFUL HUMANS DO Ariel Castro seems to be a very bad man. Also, that awesome-seeming guy who helped Castro’s prisoners escape has a checkered past, and there’s a good piece on that here. By the way, we also have missing women in Saskatchewan. What a world.

4 CANADIAN CONNECTION Accused terrorist Ahmed Abassi studied chemistry in Quebec and the FBI says he’s got a connection to one of the two Canadians accused of plotting to bomb a Via train.

5 IF YOU WANT TO STRIP WOMEN OF THEIR RIGHTS, YOU NEED TO ELECT THE RIGHT PEOPLE Oh good, it was save a fetus day again and jerkfaces be talkin’ ’bout they cray-ass agenda. What a bunch of creeps. Fuck their evil, manipulative little schemes. You know, maybe it’s not surprising that one in four Saskatchewanians now says phooey to organized religion. Eat that, Trost and Vellacott.

6 PARADE OF MISCELLANY The one-time top dog of the alternative press is in sorry shape, Saskatchewan may or may not have more jobs, the families of some Pickerton victims file lawsuits, The University of Saskatchewan projects a $3 million loss, A super-sketchy execution has been stayed in Mississippi, there’s a criminal investigation into that exploded Texas fertilizer plant, A gay rights activist in Belize is getting death threats and they buried the dead Boston asshole.

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? Riker is, and how. Hat tip to Vanda.