Jordan Cook

A partly cloudy, cool morning at the Sasquatch! music festival turned into a beautiful sunny warm afternoon just in time for Saskatchewan born Reignwolf, a.k.a. Jordan Cook, to take the Sasquatch stage at the Gorge.

Reignwolf’s blues based shredding was a welcome sight at Sasquatch and big crowd showed for his 5pm set. The trio including, Stitch (Cook’s brother) on bass guitar and Joseph Braley on drums were appreciative of the lively audience.

The show was a flawless reckoning of riff driven rock and soulful crooning as Cook pulled out all the stops on this show, likely in hopes of garnering new fans.

Cook keeps his title as “King of climbing tall things and rocking out” when what appeared to be his tour van was suddenly backed into the middle of the crowd for the finale of the show.

Bouncing off the stage and up onto the roof of the van – guitar, microphone and kick drum in tow, Cook proceeded to finish the show in spectacular fashion playing a few hits and then eventually thrashing, as only he can, while the van slowly pulled away.

The crowd loved it! Reignwolf was a hit at Sasquatch 2013– big time.

Photo by Kim Jay