HnetflixMovie Theatre owners in the U.S. want to limit movie trailers to just two minutes from the two minute thirty seconds that they are currently allowed. The reasoning for this apparently is because moviegoers complained.

The complaints were that the trailers were too long and they gave away too much plot. Now I might be mistaken but I don’t think people are really complaining about the length of movie trailers. Now the commercials before the trailers is a whole other story. My best friend had a recent breakdown where he declared he was no longer going to movies in the theatre because of all the advertising. Between the crappy pre-show and the dozen or so commercials and the price of the ticket, he felt that he had enough. And the trailers were not the problem he said. He later rescinded his gripe and has resumed going to movies but he still doesn’t like all the commercials and I can’t imagine a person out there that does enjoy the commercials.

Trailers giving away too much plot has been a constant problem for decades and cutting them isn’t going to stop this practice. Shortening trailers by 30 seconds seems to me as a chance for theatre owners to squeeze in an extra commercial before the trailers. I can’t see the studios agreeing to this and I imagine that theatre owners might not get their way but you never know. Now here’s the three minute Man of Steel trailer.