Man of SteelSuperman turned 75 years old this week. The first issue of Action Comics #1 hit newsstands April 18, 1938. Just in time to celebrate Warner Brothers released the full trailer for their latest Superman film Man of Steel which is in theatres June 14.

I’m still not sure what to think about this newest incarnation of Superman. I already know that Stephen Whitworth will be complaining about the costume and the lack of red underwear. Others seem pretty hyped about the film though. I look at and think “Man I’m tired of seeing Superman’s origin told and retold and retold and retold.”

It is one of the most iconic and well known of the superhero origins but does every single freaking film version have to retell it? How about just jumping into a new story for the 75-year-old superhero legend? I can understand Hollywood’s obsession of origin stories for heroes but I pretty sure everyone knows Superman’s. I’m also pretty sure audiences can just jump into a new adventure without extra time dedicated to introducing the character. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for this film. And it could be a fine film but looking at this trailer and all the other footage I’ve seen so far just tells me I’m probably going to be bored until the second act.