This is being held in conjunction with a special exhibit at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum that’s tied to the Juno Awards called The Power of Music: Sustainability & the JUNOS. “The exhibit explores how musicians have written music around three themes: nature, resilience and wisdom and the idea of those being aspects of living more sustainability,” says Glenn Sutter, a RSM biologist who also practices as a singer-songwriter in Regina.  “There’s been a lot of music written and activism by leading songwriters in Canada and that lent itself to a pretty interesting exhibit that involves four listening stations where you learn about the causes that artists are supporting and also hear songs that they’ve written.”

Musicians represented include Sarah Harmer, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Neil Young. “The exhibit features over 20 Juno Award-winning songwriters and the whole idea with the Songwriters’ Circle is to give local songwriters a chance to explore those same themes,” says Sutter. “The artists won’t be bringing new material to the circle, but they’re all excited to explore their catalogues and explain where the songs come from.”

Sutter is hosting the event, and will also be participating as a songwriter. “We’ve got some great people who have stepped forward to help out,” he adds. “JJ Vos is on the country side, Megan Nash from Moose Jaw is country-pop, Thomas Roussin is well-known from the nancy ray-guns and other projects and has an interesting First Nations perspective on some of these topics, and Mark Ceasar is just a fantastic songwriter.”

The circle, which is a licensed event, goes at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum at 8 p.m. tonight. Tickets are $15 advance and $20 door. For more information call 306-787-8165. And to give you a taste of the talent that will be on display here’s video from 2011 of Megan Nash performing “Coming In From the Cold”: