It’s Thursday and that means there’s a 50 per cent chance a new issue of Prairie Dog will be out. Let’s flip a coin and see [flips]. KAPOW! Yup, there’s a new issue! We’ve got a whole stack of them in the office (I guess I could’ve figured that out from the photo) and there’s thousands more copies being distributed around Regina even as I type.

You should pick up a copy and read it, because it’s smart and funny and there’s nothing else like it in the city (our motto: “Regina’s Only Alternative”).

So what’s in it?


My favourite thing in this edition is a Paul Dechene feature on Canada’s messed-up Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). That’s where Canadian scientists used to conduct research on things like water quality. There’s been world-class science going on here. Unfortunately, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his yammering pack of idiot morlocks shut the ELA down because they don’t like OR understand science. It’s yet another example of how they’re unfit to govern and how everyone who voted for them did a bad thing, although I suppose that most of them didn’t mean to.

Dechene also has an article on cars parking on Regina’s downtown plaza, which is NOT an intended use of the plaza, and which at this point I assume was only built to be the front lawn for a future Hill tower. Maybe when Harvard finally erects tower four, they can fence the plaza off with razorwire so cars won’t park all over it. For now, though, that’s what drivers are doing.

There’s also a piece by John Conway on the growing resentment against Canada’s head hobgoblin. Poor Harper. He just can’t get a break in Prairie Dog.

In other, less political news THERE IS A PUPPET FILM FESTIVAL, YOU GUYS. What a great and crazy thing! We put the fest on the cover and Aidan Morgan interviews IPUFF artistic director Chrystene Ells. Read it! Aidan also has a review of Life Is Good Korean BBQ. Read that, too.

Along with that there’s all the usual stuff: My Music, CD and film reviews, an online-only Hnetflix, print-only Top 6 columns, Queen City Confidential, Aw NHL Naw, Dakota McFadzean’s comic Chilblains (that will probably be online at some point but isn’t yet), and more.

Oh, and there might also be a harsh eulogy for the late, not necessarily great Ralph Klein in there somewhere. I wonder what bald, four-eyed asshole wrote that.