"Stop stepping on my face!"

“Stop stepping on my face!”


A new trailer of the film adaptation of World War Z has surfaced. The movie has faced a litany of problems: An early rough cut was so underwhelming, the studio ordered two months worth of reshoots; The star of the film, Brad Pitt, and the director, Marc Forster, are not in speaking terms; A number of A-list screenwriters (Christopher McQuarrie, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof) have been called to fix the script. And the budget keeps on growing.

Based on the first few trailers, I believe the main problem is how far World War Z has veered from Max Brooks’ novel. Brooks was far more interested in the differences between cultures when dealing with the zombie crisis than mere mayhem. The movie brushes off the political science angle for a traditional approach (i.e. RUN!). Also, this being a summer tentpole movie, expect the gore to be dialed down, further minimizing zombie fans interest. Here is hoping I’m mistaken.