On March 7, Stephen Harper asked the Twitterverse to supply him with questions when he talks with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who’s currently commanding the International Space Station.

It’s not going well.

Here’s some of my favourites …

“Do you agree that all science is a hoax unless it furthers the projects of Big Oil?”

“Anything to say before I slash your funding?”

“Why do you hate science so much, Stephen? Were you bullied by nerds?”

“From space, can you tell where Senator Mike Duffy lives?”

“The next time you fly over Venezuela, Harper wants you to give it the finger.”

“Who’s the evil guy with bad grey hair: Harper or KHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN?

“What do you think about the Minister of Science in Canada being a creationist who doesn’t even have a university degree?”