6-in-the-morning1 POLICEBOOK We begin with a story about Facebook and the Regina Police Service. Our city’s law enforcement team has yanked its Facebook page because of an influx of abusive hate comments, in response to that pit bull shooting over the weekend.

2 HOUSING HULLABALOO Tomorrow city council is going to address our city’s housing crisis. Councilors will discuss the Comprehensive Housing Strategy, which will look at creating new strategies and revising old ones to spur rental housing starts. Then we can look forward to Mayor Fougere’s Housing Summit in May. Woo-hoo!

3 BREAKING BOUNDARIES Members of parliament will review changes to federal electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan today. The Saskatchewan Boundaries Commission is recommending that five new urban ridings be created. Conservative MP’s aren’t pleased with the recommendations because it could affect their stronghold in Saskatchewan come election time.

4 UNITED AND GAY Today the US Supreme Court will hear first arguments in the case to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. Some are comparing it to Supreme Court cases in the past such as Loving vs. Virginia, in which the court lifted bans on inter-racial marriage.

5 FORD FIASCO It would seem he can’t go a day without the media spotlight shining down on him – good or most likely, bad. His escapades have become pure entertainment for the rest of Canada. It’s now being reported that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was kicked out of a gala for being intoxicated over the weekend.

6 BLAME GLOBAL WARMING! Scientists have linked this winter’s massive snowstorms and this freezing cold spring weather in North America, Europe and Britain to the dramatic loss of Arctic Sea ice – a symptom of Global Warming.