6-in-the-morning1 SOLEMN TSUNAMNVERSARY Japan marks two years since a Tsunami devastated its north-east coast, wreaking havoc with nuclear power plants and killing close to 19,000 people. The Guardian has a photo essay here.

2 TODAY IN DEAD MURDER-RAPISTS One of the men accused of raping and disemboweling a woman in India has committed suicide. Additional news about men accused of killing women: a famous man accused of murdering a woman is apparently, possibly suicidal because he had to sell his race horses to pay legal fees.

3 THEY GOT BROTEN Murray Mandryk’s column about the Sask NDP’s new leader is here for your greedy eyeballs.

4 A GOOD CORPORATE CITIZEN Shaw Communications treated workers like employees but paid them as contractors. Huh. Well that’s not good. Story here.

5 A LITTLE LOVE FOR SHARKS Five species and their delicious fins got major legal protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES, y’all) this weekend. Thanks to pro-extinction Japan, the vote was by secret ballot — which sucks because I wanted to see if Canada would suck up to pro-wipe-out-all-sharks China. The United States supported the proposal, by the way.

6 MEANWHILE IN REGINA The community group that wants to save Connaught school met again to discuss getting a second opinion on the school’s allegedly doomed condition. Money quote:

“If we hire someone to come out, preferably someone who is more involved in conservation, if they tell us the school needs to be replaced then fine it will be replaced.”

In other Regina news: murder and fire.

THERE’S A NEW STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS TRAILER Looks good. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is still a stupid as hell title.