6-in-the-morning1 ‘INDUSTRIAL HEIGHTS’ Paul already mentioned this yesterday in his advancer to the city hall meeting last night, but this is crazy so it deserves an update. The City gave the ‘A-okay’ for developers to apply to build a new subdivision in the north end of Regina, between the refinery and the steel plant. Raising children there sounds like a dream.

2 WE SET A NEW SNOWFALL RECORD But none of us need a news outlet to tell us that. We face that cold harsh reality every day when we are forced to trudge to work knee deep in the white stuff or when we have to figure out which snow pile on the street is our parked car…

3 TRADES OVER DEGREES In the federal budget speech on Thursday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to put a sharp focus on boosting skills training. In case you are wondering, he will be tweeting his budget day too.

4 DID THE ONION PREDICT CNN’s STEUBENVILLE RAPE COVERAGE? An Onion article from about two years back satirizes sympathy for rapists – and is seemingly all the more relevant in relation to a CNN reporter’s strange and disconcerting response to the trial.

5 I SEE LONDON, I SEE… LULU Lulu Lemon is recalling its line of Lula pants for being too sheer. God forbid anyone dies of embarrassment because their butt is visible while in downward dog pose.

6 SAVING SMALL SAVERS  Just before a vote on the seizure of bank deposits, Cyprian government officials are working on behalf of the ‘little guys’ – as they work to limit the impact the deposit raid would have on small savers.

BONUS: Sask. sweetheart and snowboarder extraordinaire, Mark McMorris, was on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos last night. McMorris talked about his so-called ‘beef ‘ with Shaun White and his expectations for the 2014 Winter Olympics.