6-in-the-morning1 YESTERDAY WAS FEDERAL BUDGET DAY, HOORAY HOORAY Read stuff about it on CBC, on CBC again, on CBC one more time, in the Leader-Post, in the Ottawa Citizen, in the Canadian Press, in The Toronto Star and in the Globe and Mail, on Rabble and finally, in the Hill Times. Also, check out this great Freudian-slip style typo that perfectly reflects what the Conservative government really thinks about Canada.

2 WINTER VS. CARS Saskatchewan roads are super-duper really, really bad, and an Alberta highway is open again after a chain reaction multi-car accident that injured more than 100 people.

3 TAX THE DIRTY, DIRTY SMOKERS The L-P’s Kerry Benjoe has a good story on the Saskatchewan budget’s hike on sin taxes.

4 VEWY, VEWY SOWWY Israel apologizes for “errors” that lead to Israel commandos slaughtering activists during a 2011 Israeli raid on a Turkish ship in international waters. Israel is also going to compensate families of the people who were murdered by Israeli soldiers. I’m sure the families whose loved ones were slaughtered appreciate the gesture.

5 WHAT’S GOING ON IN CYPRUS AT THE MOMENT? The Guardian has a lunchtime summary.

6 DON’T WORRY, IT’S NOT ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING! PROBABLY JUST ROMANTIC STUFF GONE WRONG Three people are dead, dead, dead at the U.S. Marine base in Quantico, Virginia.

THERE’S YET ANOTHER NEW TRAILER FOR STAR TREK Okay it’s good, but, uh, so do transporters–the signature element of Star Trek technology–just not work anymore? Why do Starfleet personnel take shuttles everywhere? If you look closely the bad guys use ’em. Come on Starfleet.