6-in-the-morning1 CYPRUS IS SAVED (YEAH, AS IF) In return for a bailout, the country’s got to bring in an austerity budget and “privatize state assets”. Bullshit on both. Cruel austerity budgets kill national economies, and pawning valuables is not a solution to personal financial problems so it’s sure as hell not the way to fix a country’s books. More from BBC and the Guardian.

2 DOG FOUND GUILTY OF LIVING IN THE ‘HOOD, SUMMARILY EXECUTED A pit bull on 1100 block Retallack was shot by police this weekend. There’s no indication the dog or the yard it was shot in had anything whatsoever to do with the reported assault police were investigating.

3 CNN JUST LEARNED THAT THE WORLD’S FISHERIES ARE NEARING COLLAPSE It’s always exciting to see young, ¬†bright-eyed media outlets discover a big story.

4 HERE IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT CHANGES TO STANDARDIZED STUDENT TESTS IN ALBERTA You should read it, since our “let’s try out old ideas that smart places abandoned years ago” Provincial government plans to bring in standardized tests for Saskatchewan students.

5 BIG GAY SUPREME SHUFFLE Decisions on laws that ban same-sex marriage in two states go to the U.S. Supreme Court this week. Whatever happens, the day will come when it seems very odd that same-sex couples were ever denied the right to marry. (Yes, on this one point I’m an optimist.)

6 THE END IS NEAR Regina’s ridiculous temperatures are probably going to end soon. So let’s enjoy what’ll probably be the last hoarfrost we’ll see before next November. It was a really beautiful winter, even though it overstayed both its welcome and its calendar entitlement.

Hoarfrost 2-March 25