6-in-the-morning 1 BUDGET DAY Sask. finance minister Ken Krawetz did the thing with the new shoes and now today he’s giving birth to a bouncing baby budget. He says it’s “balanced” which is a huge relief cause can you imagine if a finance minister came out of the gate saying “our budget is wildly skewed and we clearly have no idea what we’re doing”? You don’t want a loose cannon like that in charge of public money.

2 IDLE? DO MORE Journalist & CBC host Wab Kinew was in town for the Minifie lecture last night and told journalists to basically try harder, especially when covering Aboriginal issues. Fair point well made.

3 MORTGAGE INTERVENTION So HARPER GOVERNMENT finance minister Jim Flaherty basically smacked the hands of big banks and said “stop that as they lowered their greedy interest rates into potential homebuyers’ cookie jars, and for some reason the opposition meme is “Flaherty is reneging on free-market principles” as opposed to looking at this and wondering how close our economy actually is at any given time to a 2008-style collapse.

4 WE’RE NUMBER 17 OR SO I think, if I’m reading this very official-looking chart right, Regina is the 17th best place to live in Canada. That’s right, get fucked, uh *scrolls to random spot on page* Kitchener? Wow, okay. Sure.

5 SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY Voyager leaves the solar system and now scientists get to find out if it’s in interstellar space or – I actually fistpumped while reading this – a previously undiscovered part of space that comes before interstellar space. SPAAAACE!

6 SOMEONE’S WORST NIGHTMARE Because of how access journalism works, instead of everyone watching as the hammer comes down on the British finance minister’s office for leaking the budget early, some intern at the Weekly Standard is going to get fired for the crime of totally legally tweeting the next day’s front page, which just so happens to contain budget information that was yet to drop. Whoops! The embargo system is garbage.