FacebookLogoIf you want to put “social media expert” on your CV — a real necessity in today’s job market — you’ll need to tone those Twitter muscles. You don’t want to look like a social media dummy, do you?

Example: I was watching a Padres/Angels spring training game the other day where they “turned over the broadcast” to Padres bloggers, and one referred to his Twitter name as his “hashtag”. Rookie move. Don’t make the same mistake!

If you’re going to be tweeting about #RFF13, you may as well follow some of the artists. I’ve gone through the lineup for the 2013 Regina Folk Festival and seen who’s on the site and reasonably active. For your convenience, I’ve broken it down into four categories, based mostly on a quick glance at their feed and some guessing. Correct me in the comments.

PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTING AND FUNNY We’ve got at least one real Twitter star coming: Neko Case, a funny and prolific user.

There’s also Hayden, Rah Rah, Don Amero, Elisapie Isaac, Northcote, Don Brownrigg and Amelia Curran.

PEOPLE WHO MOSTLY PROMOTE SHOWS Nothing wrong with that; you don’t always need to see a Vine video about how they made their stir fry.

We’re looking at Feist, Rosanne Cash, Man Man, Bahamas, Niyaz, Carolina Chocolate Drops, H’Sao, Briga and Reuben and the Dark.

PEOPLE WHO’VE CLEARLY GOT SOMEONE ELSE RUNNING THEIR FEED FOR THEM C’mon, Charles Bradley shouldn’t have to learn how to use Twitter. Leave him be! Same for Loreena McKennitt.

AL SIMMONS AND BUBBA C THE MC These two get their own category. Just go ahead: follow the delightful Al Simmons and the equally delightful Bubba B the MC. Quick tip: make sure to not follow Al Simmons Guns. They Twitpic pictures of guns, which is scary.

And as long you’re in a following mood, follow the Regina Folk Festival themselves. (Heck, go for Prairie Dog, too, if you haven’t already.)