What a difference a year makes!

Had the RSO presented this concert at this time last year, after we’d sort of sashayed through winter with not much snow and hardly any cold temps and windchill at all people probably would’ve embraced it as an extension of the season. This year, though, I hesitate to say that will be the case.  Not with the winter we’ve endured, with pretty much record snow levels and plenty of freezing cold days.

I’m no metereologist, but from where I sit, this easily ranks as one of the worst winters we’ve had in 30 years. So how eager will Reginans be, I wonder, to visit through Vaughn-Williams’ symphony Antarctica a place that’s even colder and more inhospitable than here — if that’s humanly possible to imagine, considering what a hell-hole Regina can be when we’re in shit-winter weather mode.

Appearing with the RSO in this program, which also includes works by Elgar and Arnold, are guest-artists Simon Fryer (cello) and Sophie Bouffard (soprano). The concert is at Conexus Arts Centre, with the first baton dropping at 8 p.m. For ticket info call 1-866-973-9614.

And to close, here’s the trailer for the 2005 documentary March of the Penguins: