1 CUTTING CLASS The University of Regina considers shutting down nine programs. Saskaboom woo!

2 I’M CONFIDENT THE CONSERVATIVES WILL DO THIS RIGHT The party that scoffs at hunger-striking First Nations leaders has an aboriginal education agenda. This oughta be good.

3 SPEAKING OF RIDICULING HUNGER STRIKES Here’s Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau on Theresa Spence’s hunger strike: “I personally don’t believe in Canada, in 2012, that is the way to go and I don’t really believe it sets a good example for young Aboriginal youth.” Brazeau is personally setting an example today by being charged with assault and sexual assault.

4 NOT THE BEST DAY FOR DRIVING Cars are rolling over and whatnot.

5 BAIRD MEETS SECRETARY OF STATE MUNSTER Talkin’ bout pipelines because moneymoneymoney >future. Also,sorry for the John Kerry-Herman Munster comparison. It’s unfair to Herman Munster. Herman Munster has charisma.

6 UNWELL PERSON VANDALIZES GREAT PAINTING Our thoughts and best wishes go to Eugene Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading The People”.

WHY DO WE NEED PRAIRIE DOG? This is why we need Prairie Dog:

Barrrf. “Saskatchewan is totes  sexy now!” says fluff newspaper that’s just walked into the party. What a meretricious embarrassment. And some boom. That’s why we have a housing crisis, a film industry crisis, massive property tax hikes to pay for stadiums and, hey,  didn’t I already link to something about university cuts? Why I believe I did.