With 11,294 reported cases of violence for a rate of 2,681 per 100,000 people age 15 and over, Saskatchewan leads all provinces in violence against women. At the other end of the spectrum, Ontario had a rate of violence of 928 (51,851 cases) and Quebec was not too far behind at 1,036 (34,813 cases).

Saskatchewan does NOT, however, lead the country in female-assaulting: the territories are off the charts. The Yukon’s rate of violence against women is 4,609 (651 cases), North-West Territories is 11,193 (1,843) and Nunavut is a horrifying 15,453 (1,715). Nunavut also leads Canada in violence against men, with a rate of 11,959 (2,729 cases) 8,650 (1,014 cases).

In general, women are assaulted at a rate five per cent higher than the rate men are.

The news report that tipped me off to this is here, the actual report is here and the chart where I got all these numbers from is here.