From Katy Waldman’s post on Slate’s Brow Beat blog, titled “Why I’m Not Complaining About Seth MacFarlane’s Jokes“:

The debate about whether off-color jokes reinforce stereotypes or actually satirize ignorance is well-worn at this point. Wherever you stand, it’s crucial to recognize that simply voicing an objectionable belief isn’t itself offensive—it all depends on the context. And last night’s routine was seeded with indicators that McFarlane was operating within a shtick called “Caddish Dude Who Writes Family Guy Cluelessly Mouths Off.”

And the open from Margaret Lyons’ Vulture post “Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters“:

Seth MacFarlane made a whole bunch of sexist, reductive jokes at the Oscars last night. It’s frustrating enough to know that 77 percent of Academy voters are male. Or to watch 30 men and 9 women collect awards last night. But MacFarlane’s boob song, the needless sexualization of a little girl, and the relentless commentary about how women look reinforced, over and over, that women somehow don’t belong. They matter only insofar as they are beautiful or naked, or preferably both. This wasn’t an awards ceremony so much as a black-tie celebration of the straight white male gaze.