IT ISN’T GODWIN’S LAW, BUT … The Conservative Party, the riding gerrymandering and the robocalls illustrate that Stephen Harper believes the words of Josef Stalin: Who marks the ballots is unimportant. Who counts the ballots is everything. And it kind of looks like my MP (pray for me) Tom ‘The B Team’ Likuwski didn’t get the memo. As usual.

IF CADMUS DELORME OR WAVELL STAR READS THIS, I’D APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD PLEASE TRANSLATE ‘LAYETH THE SMACK DOWN’ INTO NAVAJO If there’s a better way to banjax an all-WASP anti-immigration rally in Arizona, I’m all ears.

NOSES IN THE TROUGH Unsurprisingly, Mike Duffy took the exit through the kitchen when he evaded reporters. (Hope the chefs put a lock on the fridge.) He didn’t want to answer questions that he’s a senator representing Prince Edward Island while not living in PEI. When he was a journalist, he called politicians who did stuff like that to avoid answering questions cowards. And, of course Senator Patrick Brazeau (apparently representing nobody but himself these days) apparently keeps pace with the sleaze.

GOOD LUCK IN COLLECTING It turns out that the corpse of Richard III, King of England from 1483 to 1485, was lying underneath a parking lot Leicester since he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field. According to one wag who Tweeted the Guardian newspaper, the daily rate in that city’s car park is 18.5 pounds sterling a day, so given the number of days between his burial and his exhumation, his estate owes 3,564,006.50 pounds in parking fees, about $7 million Canadian.

IN RESPONSE BRAD WALL SAYS TOMMY DOUGLAS HAD US ALL PREPARED The number of alcohol-related deaths increase with the availability of alcohol through private liquor stores, according to a British Columbia study.

I GUESS IT DIDN’T IMPRESS THEM MUCH Shania Twain’s career hasn’t cratered, but her music hall of fame in her home town sure has, and will.


YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN To show how much I like Shania Twain, here’s Steve Earle singing ‘Nowhere Road.’