Prairie Dog will publish a special 20th anniversary issue later this week and it will be GREAT. One excellent thing about this edition: it’ll have a page (or more!) full of reader-submitted birthday wishes! These custom messages were purchased by our very own beloved fans to express their love and support for Prairie Dog.

Wait, you ask, isn’t this a thinly veiled scheme to harvest cash from unsuspecting readers? Not at all. It’s not even remotely veiled. It’s completely shameless.

And in any case, our readers are smart and can figure this out and love us anyway. So there.  Besides, we’ll invest this reader birthday cash bounty on new crack pipes for all our writers in great articles, illustration and photography.So really, it’s almost like readers are buying birthday presents for themselves!

So far, 23 readers readers have purchased messages! But LOOK OUT: At 5:00 p.m. today, the give-money-to-Prairie-Dog-system will be DEACTIVATED FOREVER. That means there are only three hours left to buy a birthday message for Regina’s favourite (and best!) (and only!) alternative newspaper. OH NO, MR. BILL!

Messages run as low as $20, so whip out your credit card and support a Dog here. You’ll probably be glad you did!