You’re Nothing

The album opens with “Ecstasy”, a burst of controlled chaos. But the sound is exactly that: controlled, in the very best way. The Copenhagen, Denmark punk band caught attention for their first record, 2011’s New Brigade. The shoddy recording matched the the seeming reckless abandon of the youthful band. (All members being 19 or younger at the time.) They haven’t necessarily matured — their flirting with fascist imagery and selling knives at their shows are evidence enough of that — but the creative spark lit previously is fully aflame on You’re Nothing. Singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has far greater control over his vocal talents, while still bringing a dose of snotty gloom. The far-better recording highlights the improved dynamics of the band, while still taking the “post” out of Joy Division’s post-punk.

Other bands might take a crazy well-received debut and subsequent signing to a storied label like Matador and drift from what made them great. Iceage take the opportunity to show that their breakout wasn’t happenstance; it was talent, under their control.