The Regina Folk Festival isn’t only main stage stuff. In addition to that, there’s a year-long concert series, day-time concerts during the weekend itself and, of course, the after parties. Used to be they happened at the Legion but then they switched over to the German Club and have been going hard every since.

I recently asked RFF staffer Melanie Metcalf about her favourite German Club after party memory:

One hasn’t had the full RFF experience until they attend an After Party at the German Club. The German Club provides an intimate atmosphere for the audience while giving the artists room to stretch their performing muscles. Rich Aucoin’s performance at the Friday night After Party in 2012 is one to remember. I had been up since 5 a.m. that day but as soon as I saw him climbing the German Club walls I knew my lack of sleep would be worth it to see this. The audience’s collective voice singing along with the words on the screen and his energy filled the German Club. It was in this moment I knew the RFF did it again. It found the right spot to make a memory that could never be duplicated.

The German Club is having a little trouble at the moment, which we posted about the other day. So, tomorrow night, February 23, they’re holding a benefit. The Lonesome Weekends, the Slim City Pickers and DJ Verbal are all appearing. You should go. More details at the Facebook event.