I’m always gun shy when I consider calling Armond White a troll. “Well,” you might say, “if he walks, talks and reviews movies like one.” Sure, that’s how his ardent contrarianism comes off. But his reviews often have enough serious thought to throw some doubt into mind.

Whatever you want to call White, the New York Press‘ whatever-in-residence is always at his most confrontational with his annual Better-Than Lists, at least when it comes to immediate shock value. Like when he said Jonah Hex was better than True Grit.

The 2012 edition is worth a glance. Here’s a little taste of the knowledge he’s dropping:

A Thousand Words > Argo
Brian Robbins and Eddie Murphy dared the most personal Hollywood critique since Clifford Odets’ The Big Knife; Ben Affleck trivialized Hollywood accountability.

(Don’t remember A Thousand Words? It’s the Murphy vehicle that collected dust for four years on studio shelves before its wildly unpopular theatrical release.)