1 MONEY FOR MALI The feds announced Canada will send $13 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Mali. So far no “military mission” has been confirmed, but the feds are talking about it. Oh, and it should be noted that Canadian special-forces soldiers are on the ground in Mali as of yesterday, to protect diplomats and such.

2 STADIUM A-GO-GO But who is surprised? Regina city council approved the stadium funding agreements and conceptual design last night. Speakers, including Marc Spooner, Chad Novak and Jim Elliot spoke in opposition to it but still, it was a 10-1 vote, with Councilor Shawn Fraser the only one opposed.

3 YOU CAN’T BE HALF-PREGNANT ON NATIONAL UNITY!! Says Justin Trudeau. The Liberal leadership candidate slammed NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for his willingness to introduce a new bill that would accept a 50-per-cent-plus-one vote on Quebec sovereignty in a referendum. Can’t we just all get along?

4 EGYPTIAN UNREST The head of Egypt’s armed forces is warning there may be military intervention in that country in the near future. Just over two years after the Egyptian revolution, a civilian uprising against President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood has turned violent. Once again, the military could intervene in the country’s day-to-day governance.

5 THE MINERS ARE OKAY All 318 people who were trapped underground for several hours at Mosaic’s K2 potash mine near Esterhazy are safe. The mine was shut down when a fire broke out yesterday morning.

6 IDLE KNOW MORE Yesterday the movement celebrated its World Day of Action. But it seemed to be under reported, at least on the web. Instead of flash mob round dances and marches, in Regina, people gathered to share personal stories at the Connexus Arts Centre.

BONUS: The prime minister documented his entire day yesterday on Twitter, including breakfast with his cat. Some are calling it “The Sweater Vest Diaries”.