6-in-the-morning1 FISCAL CLIFF NOTES The U.S. Congress passed a bill that averted automatic spending cuts and tax hikes. Can you read about it? Hell yes. This Washington Post story will give you an overview, while this Washington Post story contains the sentence “Government payments for cheese.” And hey if you wanna go nuts and read about the fiscal cliff all day long, head to the Guardian, BBC, the New York Times, CBC, the Globe And Mail, Al Jazeera, the Daily Beast, Talking Points Memo, Alternet, um, USA Today, MSNBC and Gawker.

2 MEANWHILE IN CANADA Happy New Year, have some CPP and EI hikes. Also, Winnipeg has major Idle No More demonstrations, The penny’s days are numbered, Canadian soldiers could be headed to Mali, three pitbulls went on a horrible dog-killing rampage in a Calgary off-leash park, Michael Valpy says Canada’s politics are getting frothier, and passports and postage are about to be more expensive.

3 A TRAGIC START TO 2013 Saskatoon has had its first homicide of the year.

4 MEN ARE ASSAULTED, TOO Men who were sexually assaulted as children get some new counselling opportunities thanks to public funding and lotteries.

5 AND HERE’S AN ALL-PURPOSE SASK NEWS ROUND-UP Premier Brad Wall apparently talks about the possibility of privatizing major crown corporations in this CBC interview I haven’t listened to yet, hmmm. Also, Weyburn’s unionized Walmart won an appeal that could result in the union being decertified. Also, Sask and Alberta are having a labour shortage throwdown grudge match or something I guess, I didn’t read this. Oh and there’s new garbage dumping fees in Saskatoon if anyone cares and here’s something about bartending… oh wait, that’s in Saskatoon too. Well shit. Did Regina at least get the New Year baby? No? Well screw you, Saskatoon. At least Reginans can share the province’s scary, icy highways.

6 HOCKEY NEGOTIATIONS BEGIN I love the Columbus Dispatch’s take on this. Also, here’s the latest news and here’s more latest news.

WE HAZ ALL THE HITS Look, it’s all the Top 40 hits of 2012 in one song! HOW VERY EXCITING.