1 CONVERSATIONS WITH AWFUL WHITE MEN A scheduled meeting between First Nations and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in chaos.

2 SNAKES ON A, WELL, YOU KNOW A Calgary man has a possibly venomous unwanted guest in his home after the slithery snugglepoo hitched a luggage ride back from India. Elsewhere,  a scrub python was killed as it clung to the wing of a Quantas flight from Cairns, Australia to Papua New Guinea. Dramatic, but sad.

3 ALIVE AND HEALTHY AND 24 YEARS OLD Richard Wayne Landers Jr. of Indiana was kidnapped by his grandparents in 1994. He’s just been found.

4 HOORAY HOORAY IT’S BUDGET DAY The City of Regina releases their budget this morning. Someone better have coffee ready for the reporters.

5 MORE ON THE L.A. SCHOOL SHOOTING WHEREIN TRAGEDY WAS AVERTED BY UNARMED TEACHERS Here’s the Los Angeles Times story. Warning: this link will launch an auto-play video that you won’t see unless you scroll down, but it’s only a couple of seconds long. Super annoying though. If I’d been able to quicly find another decent link on this I would have used it.

6 WEATHER IS A THING THAT EXISTS EVERYWHERE Snow and blizzard reports from Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Winnipeg. There’s some nastiness afoot! Everyone here made it to work okay, though.

MAYBE HIS HELMET’S ON TOO TIGHT? Darth Vader is all messed up.