6-in-the-morning1 PRIORITIES Ward 3 councillor Shawn Fraser won’t support the new stadium plan, and here’s why.

2  OR YOU COULD PROBABLY JUST EAT MORE VEGETABLES  A new pill that takes advantage of chemicals found in tomato skins is supposed to cut the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

3 A BREEZY SOJOURN TO NORTH KOREA  Google’s Eric Schmidt is among a small U.S. delegation to North Korea this week.

4 FINGERS CROSSED  Toronto mayor Rob Ford might get the final heave-ho today, depending on how his appeal goes in court.

5  ON STRIKE  Journalists at Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly are on strike to protest censorship.

6  EI EI UH OH  Things are about to get leaner (and meaner) for seasonal workers who use Employment Insurance to get by. New changes to EI policy take effect today.