4 in the Afternoon1 13 YEARS IN THE MAKING! Let this day go down in Canadian history. This morning the Federal Court ruled that the Canadian Government has new jurisdictional responsibilities for over half a million non-status Indians and Mètis people who were previously not recognized as ‘Indians’ under the Constitution Act.

2 TO COURT, TO COURT The ‘Idle No More’ movement is pushing forward in a new way; two First Nations in Alberta are taking the federal government to court. The Mikisew Cree First Nation and the Frog Lake First Nation filed documents in Federal Court today in an effort to overturn the prime minister’s two omnibus budget bills, which contain legislation that violates the government’s obligations to the treaties.

3 GUN CONTROL On the two-year anniversary of the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, and a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, the former Arizona congresswoman has announced she is launching “Americans for Responsible Solutions.” The campaign will work to combat the National Rifle Association by raising money and pushing for stricter gun laws in America. To add to that, Giffords’ recent visit to Newtown, Connecticut has one Republican in particular foaming at the mouth.

4 IT’LL COST YOU Thanks to Ottawa’s effort to cut costs, the Canadian Forces will now charge provinces and municipalities for disaster relief (i.e. floods and wildfires).  In the past it has been the military’s duty to provide aid in these types of emergencies. Side Note:  Harper just announced Canada will not send military aid to Mali in light of reports of clashes between members of al-Qaeda and Mali’s army.

Bonus: Happy birthday David Bowie!  In honour of his birthday, Mr. Bowie has announced he will be releasing a new album and today, for the first time in 10 years, he shared a brand spanking new song for your listening delight.