At City Hall on Monday, a proposal was floated to close two of Regina’s five outdoor swimming pools. The official city line is that all five — Dewdney, Maple Leaf, Wascana, Regent and Massey — are at a point in their lifecycle where they’re in need of substantial repairs. Closing two would reduce the capital burden, and save on operating costs. The city says some of the savings will be used for a $12 million upgrade to Wascana Pool that would include popular features like spray pads.

The CBC report said outdoor tennis courts would also be looked at with the goal of closing some and upgrading others.

Reginans are already starting to register their discontent with the city’s plan. One of the pools on the chopping block is Maple Leaf, and a Save Maple Leaf Pool Facebook page has been established. Questions are also being raised about the city’s spending priorities in pushing a $278 million sports stadium while cutting back on desperately needed services for everyday Reginans to help them keep fit, active and engaged with their community.

With the above photo, by the way, I’m not sure which pool it is, but I lifted it from the city website.