This Week at City HallMan, I’m beat. Tonight’s council meeting went to nearly 10:30. And instead of coming straight home and writing up all that happened, I phoned up Whitworth and talked city hall and Civilization for the iPhone for over an hour. So I think I need to sleep sooner rather than later.

Which is too bad because a lot happened at council this evening that’s worth writing about. And most of it has nothing to do with the big decisions that were made. Those I can sum up pretty quickly because the outcome of tonight’s council meeting was never in doubt.

Council voted in favour of the stadium design, the stadium funding plan, the RFQ process and the plan to buy additional land off CP Rail to accommodate the stadium and the RRI projects. You’d have to have a screw loose to think things might have turned out differently. Council’s mind was made up on this stadium deal last year.

Beyond that, council voted to move forward with the public consultation on the transit route revision, Mosaic corporation got its tax exemption bylaw, the local improvement program was passed and the city is getting out of the commercial waste collection business. Again, there were no surprises.

So that’s a recap of council’s decisions. As for everything else, such as what is this new council of ours like in action, well… maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.