Dog Blog readers have probably noticed the “Be A Dog’s Best Friend ads on this website and in the paper. So what’s that all about?

Well, it’s our birthday! On Saturday, Feb. 2, Prairie Dog turns 20. That’s a rare and incredible feat for an independently owned alternative newspaper and we’re going to celebrate the hell out of it, thank you very much. And we’d love you to be a part of that!

So here’s the deal: in the Feb. 7 Prairie Dog, we’re running a full-page “20th Anniversary Card Of Supportapalooza”. It’s  a way for readers like you  to wish us a happy birthday and at the same time slip a couple bucks into card for us (which we’ll spend on great writing, illustration, comics and that kind of thing, so it’s sort of like buying a present for yourself, really!).

Best of all, you can write your own message to us and we’ll print it in the paper! (And I’m told that our Supportapalooza Card Censor Board will consider printing snotty, sarcastic, axe-grinding messages — so there you go, Baikman! Even you can play!)

You can read more about the 20th Anniversary Card Of Supportapalooza here. The deadline to purchase your message is, well, hmm, I guess it’s secret because I don’t even know! But it’ll be coming up fast, so act soon!