Typo Wiener Ruth EastonRuth Easton

In “Frankenstein’s Mayor”, Stephen LaRose’s highly pleasing column on Toronto phenomenon Rob Ford, a certain Prairie Dog editor created the inane sentence “With that kind of financial and political backing, Darwin the IKEA money could’ve been elected mayor.” Obviously that should read “Darwin the IKEA monkey”. The editor apologizes for never learning to type or proofread. Fortunately, Alert Wiener Ruth Easton gets $10 and a Typo Wiener T-shirt out of his incompetence.

Ruth is an international studies student specializing in inequality who’s wrapping up a co-op work term. She’s also an avid gardener who recycles our paper as compost worm bedding. We approve.

Ruth will spend her $10 prize on Christmas presents for family and friends. Half a pack of lifesavers for everyone!


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