Loyal reader, moustachioed rascal, two-time Wiener and nattering pest Brad Joyce has agitated for a new Typo Wiener tee for awhile and this issue he peppered us with a pedantic accounting of our recent typos, near-typos and questionable writing decisions in a pushy attempt to get it. Fine. We’ll give you another shirt and $10, Brad. Now stop being annoying. What are you going to spend your prize money on?

“I object to this question in principle,” says Brad. “Because money is fungible, it is generally a fallacy to link a source of income to a specific outflow. If the question is meant to be interpreted as “what changes to your spending will occur due to this incremental funding?”, then the question remains silly: it’s 10 fucking dollars!

“That said, I’ll spend the money on two days of Sunday night trivia at O’Hanlon’s and turn it into beer, food and prizes (two shows per night, 8 and 10 PM),” he adds.

Oh for fuck’s sake. No, seriously, we love this guy.

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