I’m always disappointed by Regina’s city council but lately it’s worse than usual. I look at us, and I compare us to Toronto and, nope, not cutting it. Toronto has the best mayor in the world — Rob Ford is funny, personable, calls it like he sees it and buys crack cocaine in bulk. He’s like Chris Farley without self-awareness or tragedy. Who do we have? A sober, steady-spoken funeral home director with Ken Doll hair. Borrrrrring. I can imagine Rob Ford biting off and eating a raccoon’s head during a terrifying PCP-fueled public rampage. Our mayor? Looks like a nice man who’d need a nap after half a cognac.

Come on Regina, I know we’ve got Rob Ford-level talent in this city. We need to develop it, nurture it and dammit, vote for it. I expect a lot more from everyone the next time there’s a civic election. Be more! Be Ford! /Anonymous


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