Typo Wiener Brad Wall | photo by Chris GrahamBRAD WALL

It’s not every day the editor of Prairie Dog misspells the name of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional land “Mordor”, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. In his delightfully irreverent article “Orcs In Trucks”, Stephen Whitworth — a life-long Lord Of The Rings fan who’s read the trilogy straight through at least 20 times — spelled the name of the evil lord Sauron’s realm “Morder”.

Yes, with an “er”. Yeesh. In his defence, it was late and he was tired.

Fortunately, Alert Wiener Brad Wall — who points out that he’s one of the “nearly 300,000 Saskatchewanians who drives a truck” — caught the mistake and notified Prairie Dog’s Typo Wiener desk. As a result, he’s won a swank Typo Wiener T-shirt and $10, which he will donate to some lucky truck driver he meets the next time he’s at a gas station.

Brad, a politician for the governing Saskatchewan Party, is currently our province’s premier and he enjoys some of the highest approval ratings in the country. He was born and raised in Swift Current (a place we also somehow misspelled in our last issue, as “Swift Currant”), and has three children with his wife, Tami.

While exceedingly personable and friendly, Brad was somewhat (though good-naturedly) indignant on behalf of Saskatchewan truck owners, many of whom may have somehow gotten the impression Prairie Dog thinks they’re a bunch of orcs. Reached for comment at a local pub, Whitworth weakly defended his paper by saying that while nearly all orcs drive trucks, not all trucks are driven by orcs. He then mumbled something about the Truck Drivers of Rohan before pouring Guinness into his lap and passing out.

Congratulations to Premier Brad Wall, and best of luck in the fall session.


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