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Sleazy Rider

To the guy with the Harley who was visiting my neighbour this weekend: you’re a douchebag. And it isn’t the Harley that makes me say that. Yeah, your bike is loud and annoying — driving one around, making that industrial farting noise up and down the block, that makes you an obnoxious asshole. But there are so many obnoxious Harley-riding assholes in this town, I wouldn’t bother writing about you, except you go that extra mile into douchebaggery when you put on that helmet with the “English Spoken Here” sticker on the back. Classy! We get it! You hate foreigners! Well congratulations, racist, obnoxious, Harley-riding douchebag. You’ve inspired me to brush up on my French so I can be sure to be speaking it wherever you or your racist friends might be. /Anonymous


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