Crumbling curbsCrumbling curbs! Calamitous cracks! Horrible holes! You name it, we’ve got it!

Every spring, CAA Saskatchewan invites drivers to nominate the shittiest road in the province. The contest usually attracts a fair bit of media attention and perhaps (perhaps!) even inspires the governments with jurisdiction over the offending roadway to take action and fix it.

This year’s shittiest road was revealed on April 26 — the “winner” was Highway 123 near Cumberland House (Regina’s shitty Ring Road placed sixth, by the way).

Well, that’s all well and good, but surely pedestrians deserve the same consideration as motorists, right? Damn right! We need a shitty sidewalk contest! A contest to call our own! And have you seen how shitty some of Regina’s sidewalks are? So shitty! So here’s what we’re gonna do: e-mail your photos of Regina’s shitty sidewalks to (write SIDEWALK in the subject field). Toss in a few words about your sidewalk’s particular brand of shittiness. We’ll post your sidewalk pics and rants on Dog Blog (at, and lots of people will see them, and we can all be angry together about the crumbling town we share and/or the way bitching motorists always gets taken more seriously than kvetching pedestrians. And it will be fun, dammit.

So send in those pics! Remember: pedestrians are people too — almost as much as cars are!

NOTE: This contest has no prizes. It’s a shitty contest.