Miss Teen Regina wields a mighty crown

by Gregory Beatty

Street Wear

Who: Danyelle Dreger Where: Cathedral Neighbourhood

Reigning Miss Teen Regina Danyelle, 18, recently returned from the Miss Teen Canada World pageant in Toronto. Long-term, she has plans to study business marketing or enrol in culinary school. But short-term she intends to pursue a modeling career and is about to sign an international contract with Numa.

Besides modeling, what do you do to keep busy?

I volunteer coach my old improv team at Campbell Collegiate. I also volunteer at the food bank and get involved as an advocate for the city wherever I can as Miss Teen Regina. I also run a lot and work out.

Do you think a performance activity like improv helps you as a model?

I feel they go hand-in-hand. As a performer, I learn to connect with the audience. On a runway that’s very important, to be able to connect with the buyers and general audience. It also helps me be comfortable on stage and not be self-conscious about what I look like.

What motivated you to enter the Miss Teen competition?

My senior year at high school was rough. I was struggling with a lot of personal issues. Since then I feel I’ve grown so much as a person. For me, the competition was a stepping stone in starting a new chapter in my life that was very positive and uplifting. I didn’t really expect anything to come of it, other than to get with a bunch of girls and boost my self-esteem, but so much has come from it.

How many girls competed in the national pageant?

There were 65 delegates from across Canada. Seven of us were from Saskatchewan.

What was your favourite moment there?

I’ve been to Toronto before. I love Toronto and everything there is to do. But my favourite moment was when I was backstage and I realized I’d watched the Miss Universe and Miss America pageant on TV since I was young and I was about to step onto the stage and be one of those contenders for a national and international viewing audience. It just struck me as being such a unique opportunity. I also enjoyed meeting all the other girls. I’ve never meshed with a group like that before with such drive and passion. It was so empowering.

Do you have a model you especially admire?

I look up to Tyra Banks. I actually got introduced to fashion style watching America’s Next Top Model. That competition is based on girls who would not normally be selected by the fashion industry as models. But Tyra would take them and break down those barriers and that gave me motivation and inspiration.

Do you think being a model impacts on your day-to-day fashion style?

I’ve always been known for my style, even in high school. But being in the industry pushes me to love fashion even more. I get to wear new clothes and see what’s trending. So it really gives me an opportunity to explore what I love and take it to the next level.

How would you describe your style?

I can be very trendy and fashion forward, but I’ll also wear old t-shirts and cowboy boots. So I’m a 50-50 mix of Prairie girl and New York Fashion Week — which is an interesting contrast. I love Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Guess, but you’ll also find me at the thrift store. I like to buy a lot of neutrals. That way, I can play around and make different outfits depending on the season.

What’s special for you about this outfit?

This is one of my favourite summer shirts. I got it at World of Trout two or three years ago and I still love it. My shoes are from Value Village and my shorts are from Urban Planet. The bows on my shoes match my vintage top. The tattoo on my left arm says “Give me strength for the things I can control and faith for the things I cannot.” I got it last year when I was struggling in high school. It’s my only tattoo but it means a lot.