Sound Checkby Amber Goodwyn

The Carisask parade just passed below my window, and oh my goodness, steel drums and calypso rhythms breezed in along with the cool air and refreshed me. New goal: sign up for whatever newsletter the Saskatchewan Caribbean-Canadian Association might have so as to get more awesome live music in my ears. You should do this too. If you’re looking for an excellent Junkanoo-tinged album, do seek out Exuma’s 1970 eponymous debut, which you can listen to in various places on the Internet.


Ness Creek and an abbreviated Sled Island are behind us, but festival season is still well underway. If you’re wondering how you can most effectively rack up both mileage and late nights on your summer score card, buy tickets to any of the following: Gateway Festival in Bengough (feat. Yukon Blonde, Rah Rah and Jeans Boots, July 26-28), Connect Festival at Besant Campground (electronic music fest feat. Florian Meindl, Luis Flores and Kytami, Aug. 1-5) and our own fabulous Regina Folk Festival (feat. Neko Case, Feist, Nomadic Massive and many more, Aug. 9-11).


One of the awesome aspects of the creative community here in Queen City is that ladies lead so many rad initiatives (music venues, dance companies, music festivals, etc.). But where are the ladies in rock bands? Many of the local shows feature all (white) male line-ups, and while I see lots of young women in the audience, they’re not often on stage. This is common enough in other cities too, but I thought I’d ask and encourage my sisters to get up there (lots of women participate in folk and country projects, which makes sense with the history of the west and everything). Maybe someone in this family friendly town should start up a Rock Camp for Girls project? Hint hint. Girls and women should be seen and (loudly) heard.


If you missed The Extroverts show at O’Hanlons’ a couple of weeks ago (like I did), your salvation has arrived in the form of the Gateway Festival Kick-Off Party, which features the post-punk band as well as Indigo Joseph, Shotgun Jimmie, Harlan Pepper and Slow Down, Molasses. July 25 at The Exchange, 7 p.m. $12.

In my ears: Akua’s One’s Company EP

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