Welcome to the 2013 edition of Drink! The Beverage issue, a proud annual Prairie Dog tradition. As regular readers will know from the streams of incoherence that flow from our word processors onto the pages of this ignoble rag like beery urine in a socialist gutter, we are dedicated to the bottle. We drink constantly: after work, before work, during work breaks, during work itself. With a Stephen Harper government there’s really no alternative. ANYHOO: don’t try to drink like us: we have indestructible mutant livers that can handle it. YOU guys do not. You should drink in moderation. You should also read this year’s feature, which covers beer cocktails, the delights of sangria, some of our favourite drinking tunes and how to NOT be a douchebag customer at your favourite pub (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).

Enjoy Drink! The Beverage Issue! Enjoy it RESPONSIBLY. Race you to the barstools. /Stephen Whitworth