Paul Compton

In “We Regret The Error”, his presciently titled review of The National’s new album Trouble Will Find Me, editor Stephen Whitworth described the band’s 2010 hit “Bloodbuzz Ohio” as a “lightening in a bottle” single. Alert Wiener Paul Compton pointed out that Whitworth probably meant to type “lightning”. Lots of swear words later, Whitworth bestowed $10 and a Typo Wiener T-shirt on the sharp-eyed Mr. Compton.

Paul says he’s “a film-biz refugee turned public servant,” and Google tells us he’s also a prize-winning home brewer who will spend his prize money on his passion: “I’ll either put it toward a bucket of locally-produced honey (Zeebee represent!) for mead making, or I’ll use it as a down payment for some way-overpriced bottle of snobby beer,” says Paul.


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