Sound Check

by Amber Goodwyn

Just got back from the Yorkton Film Festival where I dutifully got hosed on wine, lobsters and guns, as is the order of the day. My festival-mate and I met a really awesome crew pretty much immediately and proceeded to spend hours leaping bonfires, loud-talking about love and sex, and eventually grilling each other about guilty (musical) pleasures. Our festival posse name-checked their shame-listens as Drake, Lady Gaga and Enya, and I revealed mine to be Die Antwoord (please see album reviews in the Dec. 27, 2012 Prairie Dog, available online). Their music videos alone are the stuff of ill-advised pop culture mutations and anti-political correctness.

Upon rethinking the matter in the cold light of a hangover, I must confess that I don’t really have any musical love that I’m truly ashamed about. Indeed, I think that some of the most illuminating moments in life happen when you surprise yourself, happily and uncomfortably. If you’re to examine French philosopher Michel Foucault’s theories on sexuality (and I do), it’s worth considering that all desire reveals a truth about oneself, even if it doesn’t fit in with one’s carefully constructed ego.

And with that I’ll leave the analyst’s couch and cue up some Tori Amos.


First on my list to check out is 13th Ave. Records “post-country” band The Lazy MKs, at O’Hanlon’s Pub on Friday, May 31. If electronica and new music drones are more your speed, I recommend chilling out to Aerosol Constellations (Vancouver), Pulsewidth (Germany) and Guidewire (Regina) at The Club that same evening. My plan is to try and pop over to the Kylsea show going on the other side of the wall in time to check out White Hills, at The Exchange. If you’re looking for a country/rock vibe, June 7 at O’Hanlon’s looks great, what with Snake River and Tinsel Trees gracing the stage and ears. If folk and country twang are more your thing, save yer dollars for SASKROOTS at The Exchange on June 8, featuring the Rusty Augers, Grain Report and Binder Twine & the Bailers.

In my ears: Selections from The Fairfield Four’s discography

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