Thank you for the “Top 6 Ways to Avoid a Transgender Scandal” article in your most recent issue. It was informative and deliciously blunt, and is going to be cut out and hung up on my fridge. It really hit home, seeing as I am very involved in the LGBT community and happen to be dating a trans-man, whom my entire family hates by the way. I’ve travelled a lot but Regina is seriously where I’ve found the most close-minded people on this matter, so I really, really appreciate articles like this and, heck, anything even mentioning it.

So thank you for that. I am madly in love with Prairie Dog, and this is exactly why.

Shelley Cyr-Vance, Regina



I worked at the indoor for a year and a half, and just last night took apart the last of the ramps for the last time in that building with Noel. I just wanted to say how great I think it is you guys printed a full page feature about this issue [“Skateboards, Footballs And The End Of Fun”, May 16-29]. There are a lot of kids, teenagers, and grown men like myself that are going to suffer over the course of the long, hard winter here if they don’t donate another space to us, so any support is greatly appreciated. I already loved reading your ’zine and now have an even greater appreciation for it. Also props to the mom who wrote that article — I don’t recognize the name.

Jesse Clayton, Regina


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