To the chucklehead who took up two and a half spaces at the 25th Ave. Safeway parking lot last week: I know you only get into town a few times a year and you doubtlessly need all that trucking power to haul around your two bags of groceries but could you maybe take a refresher driving course? I mean, if you’re only used to angled parking in whichever hayseed backwater two-bit town you’re from, that’s fine. But you should be prepared when you drive into the city that people park parallel to one another in parking lots here. Angled parking across almost three spaces is beyond obnoxious. If you can’t handle driving within the city limits, don’t take that fat ass truck out to pick up your econo-sized packs of chicken wings and boxed mashed potatoes.

Now, run along. You’re late for that date with your cousin. /Anonymous


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