by Shane “Yes, Named After The Cowboy” Hnetka

It’s time for more Hnetflix. Warner Brothers has announced that the upcoming 60th anniversary Blu-ray of the western classic Shane will be pushed back from June until August so they can re-master the movie properly in its correct aspect ratio.

There’s been quite a bit of controversy over the film’s true aspect ratio. It was Paramount’s first “widescreen” film but the movie was originally shot at the academy ratio of 1:37:1. It was reframed to fit the wide 1:66:1. The fight begins with purists wanting the “theatrical” aspect ratio and others who want the movie’s “original” aspect ratio. When Shane was released on DVD, Paramount just released it in 1:37:1. Now that Warner has the license to release Paramount’s library they were going to release the Blu-ray in 1:66:1. Then the arguing began. Now they’re pushing the release date back so it can be released in the original 1:37:1.

It might be better if they released it in both formats. They do have the technology to do this. And it would make everyone happy. Maybe.


Iron Man 3 got off to a lucrative start: $175 million, the second biggest opening of all time behind The Avengers. And it’s continued to rule the box office—it will have passed $1 billion by the time you read this. Once Star Trek Into Darkness hits the screens it should slide a little at the box office as Kirk and the crew beam into action.

There was big talk about how Iron Man 3 has a special cut with special footage shot only for China. I’ve seen Iron Man 3 and  I have no idea where this footage would fit into the film. There’s isn’t a point in the movie that Iron Man/Tony Stark leaves the U.S. to go to China. In fact, a lot of Iron Man 3 was shot North Carolina with a bit in Miami (tax credits, you know. Remember those?)

By the way, writer/director Shane Black did a decent job with the film. It’s a lot of fun. Speaking of…


Black is already talking about his next project. He’s attached to bring the original man of steel/bronze to the big screen for the first time since Doc Savage was made into a really bad 1970’s film. As much as I’d like to see Doc Savage done right, I’m a little apprehensive whenever Hollywood messes around with a 1930s pulp hero. They haven’t had a lot of success adapting these characters and, other than the die-hard fans out there, I’m not sure a lot of people are demanding a Doc Savage flick.

Besides, with Black directing it, I can already guess most of the plot. There’s  a Christmas gun fight between two buddies and a horde of bad guys. And there’s lots of snappy one-liners. Not really Doc Savage material. Doc doesn’t believe in guns. Neither does Tony Stark, but that didn’t stop him from running around with one in Iron Man 3.

It might be best if everyone just works on something original.