James Brotheridge has left the building since 2011

James Brotheridge has left the column, folks. It’s true: our dashing contributing editor has got himself a brand new job and can no longer tend to this particular word garden. No need to fret though: Brotheridge will keep on keepin’ on with occasional Prairie Dog contributions (see page 15!). On behalf of all the bands and readers, I’d like to say thanks for the all the awesome, James, and for giving me your seat on the bus (it’s still warm). As an ex-pat Montrealer, it’s exciting for me to get to know a new music scene and this lovely li’l column is a wonderful place to go full geek about it.


My definition of geekdom (a ‘head’ in music parlance) is to be unabashedly devoted to that which moves you. For me one of those things is music. I urge you to follow my latest geek trail by seeking out “fake techno” on the online Free Music Archive. This genre finds musicians approximating the rhythms and tropes of techno music without using any of the usual gear like drum machines and synths. The resulting textures are fabulously itchy.


Musicians! I hope you  took advantage of this extra long winter by hunkering down and spinning your dreams and ideas into tunes to share. Now it’s time to emerge from your lairs, update your BandCamp pages and shovel around the foundations of your houses so the drums don’t get flooded, right? I look forward to the jams.

Speaking of which, two local bands have CD releases coming in the next couple of weeks: first up is Coldest Night Of The Year, with Nick Faye & the Deputies and Gunner at the Exchange. There might be a story about that somewhere on this page. Show up like the scene supporting gal or fella ya are and be rewarded with some blue collar rock. On Friday, ignore your hangover and make sure you get down to the Dodger for Intergalactic Virgin’s launch of their latest; DJ Quance Central Machine shares the bill. If you want to do-up a Sunday with something satanic, might I suggest Goatwhore at The Exchange on the 14? Youtube those dudes for some truly inspiring spiky forearm bling. /Amber Goodwyn

In my ears: Marnie Stern’s The Chronicles of Marnia

/Amber Goodwyn