Typo Wiener

Joel MacDonald

In last issue’s listings we misspelled the name of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (we wrote “Vaughn-Williams” with a hyphen and a missing “A”). We KNOW we misspelled it because Alert Wiener Joel McDonald told us so, and Google backs him up.

Joel is a music education student at the university of Regina. We have photographed him on March 15 atop the Scarth Street Mall’s Snow Mountain. Seriously, what is up with this weather? I hope it’s less snowy in the future where you are reading this.

Joel wins a medium Typo Wiener T-shirt and $10, which he will use to pay off student loans (or buy coffee).

IT’S SPRING. START MELTING! Just spot a typo in this issue — our favourite entry wins $10 and a Typo Wiener T-shirt. Typos include misspelled words (including names), garbled grammar and general gibberish. Factual errors don’t count but format-type errors do. E-mail your typo, including the page it was on and the article and sentence it was in, to typo@prairiedogmag.com, with TYPO (all caps) in the subject field. Deadline is Wednesday, March 27 at noon. Winner must be available to come to our office on the Scarth Street pedestrian mall Friday, March 29, to collect their prize and pose for a picture. AND SNOW BETTER BE MELTING BY THEN, OR ELSE.